the Students of 2019 Industrial Design Major Went to POSITEC (China) Suzhou Headquarters for a Study Tour


On December 6, 2019, in order to guide students to have a deeper and intuitive understanding of product design and a clearer understanding of the work of product design, all the students of our school's 2019 industrial design major went to POSITEC (China) Suzhou headquarters for a study tour under the leadership of Mr. Wu Wenyu.

With the warm reception of POSITEC’s staff, the students first came to the product exhibition hall. The internal commentator of the enterprise introduced the displayed electric tools one by one for all students. The introduction includes product function, design highlights, technological innovation, enterprise culture contained in the product, etc. Moreover, the instructor also demonstrated the simple operation of the tools for the students. Every student can also use each product by themselves, observe and experience the details and design of excellent products in close range, and feel the perfect combination of electric tools and design art.

Then the product manager of POSITEC introduced some representative products in the showroom. From the original intention of design to the difficulties of design and the way of operation to the value of creation, the designer showed the real situation of the product design for the students from a more reductive point of view of design thinking and design manufacturing and widened their horizons.

Finally, the students came to the lecture hall. Ding Fanqing, the student who graduated from Suzhou Joint Graduate School in 2017, now works in Positec design department, shared his work experience. His speech provided valuable information for the future career planning of the students. Then, Mrs. Meng, the design director of Positec, explained the work content of Positec in detail, which included the design concept, design process and functional division of each department of the enterprise. She also expressed his great welcome to the students of Suzhou Joint Graduate School of SEU-Monash University. She hoped to build a school-enterprise cooperation platform with colleges and promote the common development of enterprises and universities. The tour of Positec’s headquarters was fruitful for the students. Experiencing the design atmosphere and culture in the enterprise can inspire these future designers who want to make a difference on the design road to find their goal and direction and make continuous progress.