The 19th Management Ergonomics of the Chinese Ergonomics Society and the First Neurodesign Academic Conference Was Held in Nanjing


The 19th Management Ergonomics of the Chinese Ergonomics Society and the First Neurodesign Academic Conference was held on July 20 – 21, 2019 in Nanjing, at the Crowne Plaza hotel. The conference was organized by the management ergonomics professional committee of the Chinese ergonomics society, and hosted by Southeast University. Nearly 500 representatives from more than 100 universities and enterprises at home and abroad attended the event.

Professor Xue Chengqi, Chair of the organizing committee of the conference and Director of the Department of Industrial Design, School of Mechanical Engineering, Southeast University, presided over the opening ceremony. Speakers for the opening address have included: Professor Zheng Jiamao (Vice Secretary of the school’s Party committee), Professor Zhang Wei (Chair of the Chinese Ergonomics Society), Professor Guo Fu (Chairman of Management Ergonomics Committee), Vice Designer of China Manned Space Engineering). Professor Daphne Flynn, Director of Health Collab of Monash University, and Ian Wong, senior lecturer and Program Director of Industrial Design Program at Southeast University-Monash University Joint Graduate School (Suzhou), attended the conference.

The 19th Management Ergonomics and the 1st Neurodesign Academic Conference Was Held in Nanjing

Xue Chengqi presided over the opening ceremony.

The theme of this conference is "Design, Human Factors and Neuroscience", and as the first academic conference on neurodesign, it showed the latest research progress and advanced technical means of human engineering and neurodesign. On the first day of the conference, renowned scholars and experts from ergonomics, design, psychology, neuroscience, computer science and other disciplines at home and abroad attended the conference, and they made 13 academic reports to explore and explain the law of human design, ergonomics and cognitive process.

Daphne Flynn delivered the speech

Professor Daphne Flynn from the Monash University delivered the keynote speech, “Design for Health, humanizing technology to improve health outcomes for people”. It introduced that Health Collab used a people-centred design approach to understand and activate significant, high-impact healthcare services and products in the world. Flynn stated that design practice could humanise technology and facilitated design for health research that took place at the centre of the complex ecosystem of health services.

Daphne Flynn introduced Monash University

Xue Chengqi delivered the speech

Professor Xue Chengqi's keynote speech, "Neurodesign - Transboundary Thinking of Brain Science in Design, Ergonomics and Decision-Making”, introduced the origin, development and research status of neurodesign at home and abroad. Xue shared typical cases of domestic and foreign scholars in the field of neurodesign, explored the neurophysiological relationship among design, ergonomics and decision-making, uncovered the mysterious veil between design and human cognitive decision-making, and put forward the future research hotspots of neurodesign and technical bottlenecks to be broken through.

Ian Wong, Xue Chengqi and Daphne Flynn

The Academic Committee of this conference selected 21 outstanding papers. Among them, Ming Hao, a student of the Joint Graduate School (Suzhou), obtained outstanding paper award.

Ming Hao (forth from right) obtained outstanding paper award

The Advanced Interaction Technology Laboratory of Industrial Design Department of Southeast University held an interactive design exhibition entitled "Demonstration and Interactive Experience of Multimodal Natural Interaction in Virtual Reality". With the background of manned lunar landing, the demonstration example demonstrated the application frontier of multi-channel advanced interactive technology in virtual/augmented reality by simulating the whole process of manned lunar landing through virtual reality system, including modules of cabin separation, landing control, lunar rover teleoperation, rendezvous and docking.

Interactive design exhibition by the Advanced Interaction Technology Laboratory of Industrial Design Department

The exhibition site

On the morning of the 21st, the conference held a group academic report. Forty experts and scholars reported in four branches: Neural Design, Human Factors Engineering and Usability, Human Computer Interaction and User Experience, Kansei Engineering and Emotional Design.

In the group report, Zhou Xiaozhou, lecturer of Department of Industrial Design, Southeast University, introduced the related theoretical research and application technology of advanced interactive laboratory, with the topic of human-computer natural interaction research and demonstration in virtual reality.

The Conference created an inclusive conversation among academics and practitioners from a variety of disciplines to share the latest research and practice achievements in the field of design, human factors and neuroscience. By building this high-quality academic exchange platform, the conference has promoted the development of ergonomics in China and the cross-integration of multi-disciplines.

The team of Professor Xue Chengqi of Southeast University undertook the preparatory work of the conference. In more than half a year, they adhering to the motto of "Strive for Perfection". With the spirit and mentality of scientific research, the preparatory team strive to do their best every detail. In the course of the conference, all the preparatory staff covered the conference affairs in full space-time dimension according to the plan. Through the efforts of the preparatory team, the conference not only became a high-level academic feast, but also enabled representatives to get a high level of conference service experience.

The preparatory team of Southeast University