A Ph.D. student in Department of Industrial Design in Southeast University achieves the 2018 iF Design Talent Award


Recently, the 2018 iF Design Talent Award, which has attracted the attention of the global design community, was announced. Contestants from more than 50 countries around the world were selected. After more than 60 international experts' evaluation for three rounds, the work 'Cleanbot' stands out from over 5000 works, which is designed by Sham Junkai, a Ph.D. student in the school of Mechanical Engineering of Southeast University, and directed by professor Xue Chengqi. iF Design Award is one of the most influential and recognizable award in the design field with the reputation of the design 'Oscar'. This competition is another international top prize won by students in Industrial Design of SEU after someone won the 2017 Guangzhou Auto Design Gold Prize. The work 'Cleanbot' has been highly recognized by the iF international jury. It will be displayed at iF Design exhibition in Hamburg, Germany throughout the year and indefinitely showed in the iF Design official website.