Jiang Jinlin, an industrial design student at our college, won the championship in the 2017 Guangzhou Automobile Design Competition


On November 13, the 2017 GAC Design Contest, which lasted for 4 months, came to an end after four rounds of intense competition at GAC Research Institute. Jiang Jinlin from Southeast University, Guo Rui from Shenyang University of Aeronautics and Astronautics, and Li Hengyu from Beijing Institute of Technology stand out among the participating students from 72 universities around the world.

In the final, the three students accomplished the sketch design, model presentation and stage extemporaneous interpretation of design concepts and passed the other tests. Eventually, Jiang Jinlin from Southeast University came to the fore with the attendance of on-site car designers, media, college teachers and students, gained the title of "Guangzhou Automobile Design Star", and received 50,000 yuan as rewards and a chance to study abroad for a month. The champion's work was co-directed by teachers Wu Wenyu, Ian Wong and Bernie Walsh.

The competition organized by the Guangzhou Automobile Research Institute, focusing on the Cenozoic design strength of the automotive design community, was aimed to explore the future automotive design elites. The competition attracted 189 students from 72 universities around the world. In addition to receiving the prize money, the GAC Academy will provide funding support for further studies and overseas study tours. Wang Quinine, dean of Guangzhou Automobile Research Institute, pointed out that he hoped that GAC could be developed to be a platform which could give more chances for young designers to display themselves and discovered and trained them to be the backbone of the future of China's automobile industry.

Jiang Jinlin clarified that his concept is "the car is not a cold machine, but to be designed as a living." Jiang believed that the development of domestic brand cars in the current momentum is not poorer than the foreign. He also made the future goal to contribute to the rise of China's auto industry.