Professor Xue Chengqi as the top speaker guest led his team to attend 2017 World Usability Conference

Professor XUE Presented his work to the conference Chairman Mr. Hannes Robier

On October 10, 2017, Professor Xue Chengqi as the top speaker was invited to participate in the 2017 World Usability Conference, which is the world's top international conference for user experience design. It aims to display frontier application technology and inspire creation. The conference appealed to some revolutionary entrepreneurs and influential experts and scholars from around the world, which has a highly possibility to build a communicational bridge for future collaboration between the world's talented scientists, entrepreneurs and research scholars. The participants included representatives of GOOGLE, NASA, MIT MEDIA LAB, Southeast University, Microsoft, Amazon, HTC, BMW, Autodesk,, Morgan Stanley and other famous enterprises and university research institutes. During the past three years, Professor Xue Chengqi is the first Chinese scholar invited by the WUC conference chairman Hannes Robier for two consecutive years and also the only domestic expert of this conference.

At the conference, Professor XUE Cheng-qi delivered a speech entitled "Neuroscience - Biblical Thinking and Biblical Thinking", which aimed to discuss the cross-integration of brain science in the design field and the derivative research branches and fields. Professor XUE also elaborated on the definition of neural design, the objects of study, the impacts on traditional design, the complex cognitive problems, the key technology, the usability assessment and etc. The report was highly praised by the experts of the conference.

Professor Xue Chengqi made the report on the conference

Mr. Bruce Horn, Chief Technology Officer, Intel Corporation New Technology Group (NTG) (former Apple Technical Director, Steve Jobs, presided over and developed GUI, Macintosh Finder desktop graphical user interface) made an interesting exchange and discussion with Professor Xue about human-computer interaction design on AI complex information system. On-site business representatives also made a deep communication with Professor Xue on report and was looking forward to further cooperation in the future.

Communicated with Intel CTO, Bruce Horn

During the session, Professor Xue, leading teachers Wu Wenyu and Niu Yafeng, made a workshop for technical staff from different countries, which is a master training program about digital interface design of complex information system. Under the professional and vivid guidance, all staff seriously accomplished the design tasks. Finally, two of them from IBM and AMAZON stand out and won Southeast University souvenirs awarded by Professor Xue and conference chairman Mr. Hannes Robier.

Through the report on the 2017 WUC conference and the workshop of academic communication, it expands the international influence of industrial design of Southeast University and has made a good foundation for future international cooperation.

Workshop training
Souvenirs from Southeast University for outstanding persons