The R & D team SEU-Monash University industrial design graduate participate in won the "YiPuLan product prize" in Design Shanghai 2017


Design Shanghai, which was held from 8 - 11 March in the Shanghai exhibition center, is one of the Asia’s most prestigious international design events. Thousands of the latest works from many world's top brands were displayed here. The exhibition was divided into five areas - contemporary design, classic design, limited design, hutch defends design and office design – which aims to explore the harmony between eastern and western design concept.

During the exhibition, they also held many design BBS, and more than 30 top designers were Involved in. The design exhibition invited Karim Rashid, Benjamin Hubert, Shuhei Aoyama, Andre Fu and many other famous designers who have many unique opinions about design.

In addition to the center of the Shanghai exhibition main venue, after the successful cooperation between ‘The Design Exhibition in Shanghai’ with Shanghai Xintiandi last year, they cooperated with each other again this year.

In the meantime, it is worth noting that, Jason (Chinese name is Zhao Fangwen), a SEU-Monash University industrial design graduate, was proudly presented innovative new product from his R&D team at Midea. The new range of gas hot water systems was released this week in Shanghai. This new product -BEVERLY I8 Gas Water Heater - is the only product in the water hunter product area to won the "YiPuLan product prize". Jason is passionate about his work, and he has a very good career development in Midea. Congratulations to him on the success of this exhibition.