Southeast University Suzhou graduate school Party committee organized "singing red song, flying dream” competition


In order to deepen the party building studies, "singing red song, flying dream” competition was hold in Zhong Da Yuan on October 21. The competition was sponsored by the Party committee of Southeast University Suzhou graduate school. Suzhou graduate school Office Director Wang Wenning, Student Office teacher Zhou Ju, Lu Chunqing and Sun Mengzhu, Graduate Student Union president Li Qiang was invited to be the judges, all the 2016 class students watched and participated in the activity.

The Competition went by lottery order, each class was supposed to sing two songs including "Southeast University School Song” and another selected red song.

Industrial Design class appeared fifth, sang "Southeast University" and "red flag fluttering”. The chorus began with a wonderful poetry recitation, expresses students’ patriotic feelings.The powerful singing with the waving national flag affected all the audience, and won the continuous applauded.

This red song competition, enhanced the patriotism of all teachers and students. Their loud and clear voice expressed the deep love and good wishes of the party and the motherland, but also further enhanced the cohesion and honor of teachers and students.