Harvey workshop chairman Mr. Xu Qinghai visiting and guiding Southeast University-Monash University Joint Graduate School (Suzhou)


November 18, 2015 afternoon, Harvey workshop chairman Mr. Xu Qinghai was invited by Professor Xue Chengqi to visit and guide the 2015 industrial design graduate of Southeast University-Monash University Joint Graduate School (Suzhou).

Mr. Xu shared his unique insight on industrial design, although his academic degree is machine engineering. Mr. Xu considered that designing is to make people's lives happier. This time Mr. Xu bring two works which got the Red dot design award, he analyzes the product from development to public listing process, and telling the story of the product source of inspiration.

The first product named "master chopsticks." Chopsticks Master is a tool for people to be able to manufacture chopsticks by yourself. Chopsticks master was designed to attract visitors to watch Harvey factory product, but unexpectedly found that people are very interested to make their own chopsticks, even if they should wait in line for a long time. Mr. Xu eureka moment, then chopsticks master was born.

The second product is a new vacuum cleaner. Traditional vacuum cleaner will encounter congestion, noise and other issues. The new vacuum cleaner used a new cleaning technology, which separate dust particles from air according to the different rotating centrifugal force between them, avoiding the issues traditional vacuum cleaner encountered.

Mr. Xu shared his thought about the product design. Designers should spend a lot of time to consider what the consumer attention and thinking is. It is important for designers to take insight into the way target consumers thinking the problem. A designer must understand the purpose of the product design. Designing for money or designing someone else has designed is unwise design.

At the end of the course, Mr. Xu show students the chopsticks master, the students were excited to participate in making their own chopsticks. At the end, Mr. Xu sent a chopstick master to the industrial design students.