Professor Ge Liezhong of Zhejiang Sci-Tech University Visit SEU to Attend the Academic Communication with Industrial Design Department


In the morning of October 23, Professor Ge Liezhong had an Academic communication with Professor Xue Qicheng,the director of ID Department,and other professors and teachers,in the meeting room of Mechanical Engineering School.The attendance had the experience exchangement deeply about how to improve the students’ training level and collaboration between teaching & research.

In the first place,Professor Xue introduced the scientific research performance and progress of ID department of SEU in recent years.And then Professor Ge communicated with the participants about the scientific research progress and research projects of Psychology Department of Zhejiang Sci-Tech University.Professor Ge had approved the students’ training performance,speaking highly of the development of ID Department’ subjects.

In the end, the participants reached an agreement that in the future ,we should continuously expand and deepen the cooperation and communication in interdisciplinary talent education and collaboration between teaching & research.