Chen Shanguang, deputy chief designer of China's manned space flight, and his group came to our college for investigation


August 5, 2015, deputy chief designer of China's manned space engineering, commander of astronaut system and chief architect, director of Chinese astronaut center —general Chen Shanguang and deputy director of State Key Laboratory of ergonomics of Chinese astronaut center, Wang Chunhui, as well as their 4-member group came to the industrial design department of the Mechanical Engineering College of Southeast University for investigation. Zhang Xiaobing, vice president of Scientific Research Institute and Ni Zhonghua, director of the Institute of mechanical engineering et al. participated in the discussion.

First, Dean Zhang Xiaobing introduced the development of scientific research concerned with military equipment in Southeast University, and Dean Ni Zhonghua introduced the research results of the Institute of mechanical engineering and the current research topics.Then, Professor Xue Chengqi, director of the industrial design department, introduced the research work and development of the industrial design department in recent years. Finally, Professor Xue Chengqi, reported the design idea and creative design of the interactive electronic technical manual for the astronauts of the manned space station comprehensively, and give the design example and effect display. Director Chen listened to the report and affirmed the work Professor Xue Chengqi's team did, and give a height evaluation to rigorous scientific attitude, solid work and the spirit of the work of teachers and students from the department, and proposed that Southeast University will be an important partner in the center of the astronauts.

At these conferences, both sides have worked out that the astronaut training center will further deepen cooperation with the Southeast University College of Mechanical Engineering. After the meeting, the participants visited the industrial design department laboratories and nano manufacturing laboratories of College of mechanical engineering and so on.