Extracurricular practice – pottery


The research of pottery making

On 27th march, the student research group of glass including members like Jianxiang Liu, Suhang Zhang, Jing Wang, Fanqing Ding went to a pottery studio. This studio was established by a 22-year-old girl who graduated from Ceramic Institutes of Jingdezhen. The students were taught by the girl how to make different potteries such as flowerpot, brush pot and vase. The group of students did a good job making their own potteries. Fiddling with pottery clay is not an easy thing for freshman.

3 days later, the students went to the studio again and drew patterns on the surface of the dry clay. Then, the teacher put those dry clay into a kind of liquid to glaze them. Next step is the process of roasting the glazed pottery clay for about 6 hours at 1200℃. Finally, the students all got their works. "During the process, we learned the material, process, principle and some professional knowledge about pottery making, which is very helpful in our glass design."——a student in the research group of glass said.