Prof. Xue Chengqi awarded "China's Top Ten Industrial Design Educators of Year 2014"


The awards ceremony of "2014 year China top ten industrial design awards" sponsored by China industrial design association was held in Nanjing. Professor Xue Chengqi, director of industrial design discipline in the institute of mechanical engineering won the honorable title of "China's Top Ten Industrial Design Educators of Year 2014".

Professor Xue Chengqi was long engaged in the work of cultivation for industrial design talents over the years. He paid close attention to the discipline of industrial design and interdiscipline with other disciplines, brought the industrial design discipline to a new height of science research, walked out of a solid way to explore high-level industrial design talents with international vision for our country. Professor Xue Chengqi also participated in the China's first sino-foreign joint graduate school-- Southeast university - Monash university joint graduate school of Suzhou with double degree in industrial design graduate program development both in doctor and master level, achieve a new height and starting point of industrial design for the international high-level personnel training in Southeast university, enlarged the influence of the industrial design discipline of Southeast university.

According to the reporter, China's top ten industrial design award is the highest honor in China's industrial design industry, it got more than two hundred companies and design companies with more than 100 designers and more than 100 colleges and universities of education workers registration offices from 27 provinces and cities this year of China top ten industrial design awards, and the "ten best education workers" was set to reword those people who engaged in industrial design research and education scholars and made outstanding contribution and achievement in our country.