Graduate employment rate reached 100%


Southeast university and Monash university joint graduate school of Suzhou (hereinafter referred to as "joint graduate school” ) made a survey on the first graduates’ job satisfaction, the results showed that the graduates' employment rate reached 100%, all employed by companies like government entities , research institutions and world fortune 500s with high reputation and rewarding salaries.

According to the reporter’s investigation, the 26 graduates majoring in computer technology all got further education or satisfactory jobs. Out of the 26 graduates, 4 went on further studies for a doctorate diploma at home or abroad in universities such as Monash university and Southeast University, which accounts for 15.4% of the first graduates. Other 22 students all got employed in companies with high level of reputation and get paid very well. They worked in many advanced places including government offices, research institutions and world fortune 500 enterprises such as Huawei technology co., LTD, Bank of China, China mobile, etc.

The joint graduate school is the first and only Chinese and foreign joint graduate school and approved by Chinese ministry of education to be included in the national program of graduate student recruitment, it contains at least 2 years of postgraduate education in the process of cultivation of half Chinese and half English teaching ways, graduates will be issued separately by the Southeast university and Monash university degree certificate and diploma (three certificates all together). Joint graduate school depends on the advantage school discipline、excellent teachers and managerial experience both from Southeast university and Monash university, explore international innovational high-level joint training applied the new mode of master's and doctoral students. It is worth mentioning that with the increasing English using ability requirement of job seekers from some large international companies, the advantage of English immersion training mode becomes more and more obvious. Graduate students from joint graduate school must finish the ELBP (English Language Bridge Program) for ten weeks before the entrance provided by Monash University, reached the English requirements for Australia by the ministry of education to formally enter the professional study, and in the process of learning, it also contains educational programs taught by Monash university teachers in English in 6 month. Therefore, joint graduate school graduates all have a solid foundation of English practical application ability with high competitiveness in the seeking for jobs and applying for further studies.

If science is the core of the graduate education, the existence of the joint institute for graduate school offers a unique scientific research platform, especially provides a strong technical and hardware support for the cultivation of the doctoral candidate, joint research institute is committed to the multidisciplinary research, focusing on the sino-australian、bilateral industry development and strategy project, pay attention to combine the advantages of two schools in the medical and health science engineering with the influence of the world subject, involved in nanotechnology researches such as biological information energy and lightweight materials.

“Joint graduate school of cultivating mode for me in the field of professional choice and goal in life to planning, presents a more objective clear and the guidance of a more international perspective.” From Xu Ying who got the full scholarship in Southeeast University and Monash University doctorial joint program. She told reporters that it was in Australian teacher's encouragement and guidance of the two countries, lit her dream to continue to study for a doctorate diploma in Australia and finally made it happen.