How to Apply

SEU-Monash University Joint Graduate School (Suzhou) (abbreviated below to Joint Graduate School) has been approved by MOE as a sino-foreign co-operative joint school, operating at Dushu Lake Higher Education District, Suzhou, Jiangsu Province.

The Joint Graduate School recruits postgraduate students under the National Graduate Enrollment Plan. The Joint Graduate School will fully utilize academic superiority and educational strengths of SEU as well as learn from Australian educational methods, training models and experience in disciplines such as in information industry, software engineering, municipal transport, and international business, to strive for producing professionals in the up disciplinary fields.

  1. Disciplines

    • Industrial Design
    • Information Technology System
    • Transportation Systems
    • International Business
    • Applied Linguistics
  2. Recruitment Plan

    Around 30 students will be admitted for every discipline each year.

  3. Application Criteria

    1. law-abiding, honest, trustworthy, physically and mentally healthy.
    2. excellent academic undergraduate performance, alignment of undergraduate studies with postgraduate application (Note: All the Monash masters courses offered at SEU require successful completion of relevant undergraduate degrees.)
    3. award of bachelor degree (including college undergraduates with bachelor degree that can be awarded before August 2013)
    4. good listening ,speaking, reading and writing skills in English (see details at 4 below).

    Students who meet the above criteria may enroll in the 2015 National Masters Degree Unified Examination and express first preference in applying for a relevant discipline of study in the Joint Graduate School (link with 2015 Admissions Catalogue).

  4. Re-examination and Admission

    There are two ways for admission of students: the one is those whose first choice is a disciplinary study at the Joint Graduate School while National Masters Degree Unified Examination results (total and individual scores, combined with the following criteria) meet the basic standard of the Joint Graduate School’s Re-examination and others who pass the Re-examination with:

    a. an overall IELTS ≥ 6.5 (no band less than 6)-direct admission; or
    b. an overall IELTS of 6.0 (writing 6.0, no band less than 5.0),

    or a NET score of 60 marks and above in the National Masters Degree Unified Examinations or a CET-6 score of 450 and above-students with these scores must successfully complete SEU-Monash University’s 10-week English Language Bridging Program (ELBP) before commencement of their SEU masters coursework in the autumn of 2015 in order to be admitted into the Monash masters course commencing in 2016.

  5. Training

    1. Training cycle is 2 years long; training fee is 20,000 yuan/year.
    2. All the courses of the Double Masters is all conducted in English and taught by teachers from SEU and Monash University together.
    3. Students who complete the required course credits within the time prescribed and pass the Master’s thesis defense after Academic Degrees Committee of SEU's examination and approval, will be able to obtain SEU’s Masters Degree certificate and SEU’s postgraduate diploma. After Monash’s examination and approval, students can be awarded Monash University’s Masters Degree certificate.
    4. Students in the Double Masters courses will have the priority to attend Monash University for short-term study and research opportunities at their own personal expense.

Telephone: +86-025-83792452