S002553 Emotion Design


This unit is an introduction to the principles and methods of Emotion Design as applied in product development. Emotion design techniques are covered with a special emphasis on the emotion information extracting, processing and modelling with the experiments. Through the overview of Emotion Design’s development at home and abroad, students will enhance their awareness and capability with the user-centered design thought, which should be more based on the emotional, cultural and lifestyle qualities.

Chief examiner(s)

Xu Jiang

Doctor degree

Associate Professor

Niu Yafeng


Doctor degree

Credit points

Credit: 6




School of Mechanical Engineering


First semester


The objectives of the unit are to:

  • Familiarise the students with the basic theory and regularity of emotion design, which is interdisciplinary related psychology, sociology, mathematics and engineering;

  • Give the students an opportunity to master the acquisition methods and the evaluation technologies of the emotion information which influencing product design;

  • Give the students an opportunity to learn about the theory of designing products which appeal to emotion and sensibility by translating human sensibility and images into physical design factors.

Assessment (3 hours):

Students are required to achieve at least 60% in the total continuous assessment component (assignments, laboratory reports, tests) and at least 60% in the final examination component and an overall mark of 60% to achieve a pass grade in the unit. Students failing to achieve this requirement will be given a maximum of 50% in the unit.

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Contact hours

54 hours study

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