S002101 Modern Design Theory


This course is designed for graduate students to learn the modern design theory such as finite element method, reliable design and soft packages for mechanical engineers. With the rapid development progress in the design theory, design tool and manufacture technology, it is required to use the new scientific and technological knowledge to replace the old contents in the design courses. Based on the current art of the design methodology, the course of “The Modern Design Theory ” is aimed at training students familiar with the new design theory in mechanical engineering.

Chief examiner(s)

Chen Yunfei

Ph.D. supervisor

Doctor degree


Wang Jianli

Ph.D. supervisor

Doctor degree

Associate Professor

Credit points

Credit: 6




School of Mechanical Engineering


First semester


The objectives of the unit are to:

  • Familiarise the students with the concepts of computer aided design and computer aided engineering;

  • Give the students an opportunity to experience the application of an interdisciplinary approach, incorporating fluid dynamics, heat transfer, electronics, biology and authmatic control;

  • Give students an opportunity to learn about the theory and application of software packages such as ANSYS, Pro/E.

Assessment (3 hours):

Students are required to achieve at least 45% in the total continuous assessment component (assignments, tests, mid-semester exams, laboratory reports) and at least 45% in the final examination component and an overall mark of 50% to achieve a pass grade in the unit. Students failing to achieve this requirement will be given a maximum of 45% in the unit.

Contact hours

54 hours study

Task syllabus



Optimal design I Optimal design II Optimal design III